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Our team is comprised of dedicated students with a variety of backgrounds and interests surrounding science, health, and medicine. Scroll to learn more about their unique experiences and why they love The Healthcare Review at Cornell University. 



Allison is a junior studying Human Biology, Health, and Society in the College of Human Ecology. She joined CHR as a sophomore and is more than excited to serve as co-president for this school year. What drew Allison to CHR was its unique way of uniting art and science to spread valuable information that can impact the health of people all across the globe. Outside of CHR, she enjoys reading, thrifting, and drinking (too much) coffee. In the future, Allison hopes to pursue her dreams of becoming a physician with a particular interest in gender equity in both health care and the medical field.




Janice is a junior in the college of Human Ecology studying Global and Public Health Sciences. She joined the club as an artist during her freshman year and illustrated for three articles. Janice is passionate about health communication and accessibility. Outside of the CHR, Janice is the President of Visual Arts in Medicine, a member of HEART, and enjoys sparring with the Kendo club on weekends. Her favorite thing about CHR is how it opens opportunities for artists and writers to apply creativity to STEM subjects.

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VP of Editing

Ishan is a senior studying Human Biology, Health, and Society in the College of Human Ecology. He joined CHR in his first semester when he wrote an article comparing healthcare systems in different countries. Following this, he transitioned to editing and has now served as Publicity Chair for two semesters. Ishan is passionate about social healthcare and loves to read and write about issues like insurance, healthcare availability, and quality of care for different groups. He hopes to take a holistic approach to learning about healthcare and medicine in order to be a well-rounded and caring physician in the future.



Co-VP of Publishing

Angelica is a junior in the College of Engineering studying Biomedical Engineering with a concentration in Biomaterials and Drug Delivery. She is very passionate about the medical humanities and how literature can connect patients and healthcare providers. Angelica joined the CHR as a writer after transferring to Cornell, and she is excited to connect with potential speakers for this year’s events. Her favorite part of CHR is the sense of community and appreciation for the interdisciplinary nature of healthcare. It is rewarding to work in teams for the common goal of making biomedical science and education more accessible. In her free time, Angelica enjoys reading mystery novels, playing piano, and spending time outdoors.



Co-VP of Publishing

Nihan is a senior studying Human Biology, Health, and Society in the College of Human Ecology. She joined CHR as a writer last year and has loved exploring healthcare through a social lens within her articles. Nihan is passionate about health equity, both on a local and global scale, and wanting to write about different aspects of it is why she initially joined CHR. Her favorite part about CHR is that it provides a platform in which anyone can explore and bring to light topics within healthcare that they feel are important while working collaboratively with others.



VP of Outreach

Rachel is a 5-year BS/MHA student majoring in Biology & Society in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences while dually pursuing a Master in Health Administration under the Sloan Program in Health Administration. She is passionate about promoting accessibility across STEM disciplines, which is why she initially joined CHR as a writer, authoring multiple articles pertaining to the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. Her favorite aspect of CHR is that each publication is unique; the organization encourages it's members to explore subjects they're passionate about, providing the greater Ithaca community with an approachable take on some of the most cutting-edge innovations in science, health, and medicine. 



Co-Arts Editor

Joyce is a junior in the College of Human Ecology studying Human Biology, Health, and Society. She joined CHR as an artist before becoming a Co-Arts Editor. Her favorite aspect of CHR is that it serves as an interdisciplinary way to explore healthcare through writing and art while also pushing students to learn about healthcare outside of their courses. Outside of CHR, Joyce is involved as E-board in TIP and EYES. She is also completing an honors research thesis, and working as a medical scribe at Cayuga Medical Center.



Co-Arts Editor

Michelle is a junior majoring in Human Biology, Health, and Society in the College of Human Ecology. She is also pursuing a minor in Data Science. She joined as an artist her sophomore year but is now excited to be a part of CHR this upcoming semester as a Co-Arts Editor. On campus, she is involved in the Computational Physiology Lab with Dr. Cleland and Dr. Linster. Outside of Cornell, she volunteers as an EMT and hopes to pursue a career in healthcare. Being a part of CHR has allowed her to explore and combine her passion in the arts as well as one in healthcare and medicine.

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Speaker Series Coordinator

Olivia is a freshman studying Biological Sciences in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. She joined CHR this past semester as a writer and is excited to serve as speaker series coordinator. Olivia loves how CHR connects art with healthcare and propels her to explore interdisciplinary topics and their relevance to contemporary issues within the field. Outside of CHR, she enjoys playing tennis with friends, learning new songs on the piano, and experimenting with origami. She is looking forward to working with everyone this semester!!




Jasmine is a sophomore majoring in Global and Public Health Sciences. She was drawn to CHR because of its multidisciplinary approach to healthcare and is excited to be this semester's secretary! She has enjoyed writing about her passion for women’s and pediatric health and hopes to extend a holistic approach to patient care. Outside of CHR, Jasmine enjoys meeting dogs on campus, cooking, and is a research assistant for ACT for Youth.

IMG_0067 - Flavia Scott.heic


Senior Advisor

Flavia is a senior studying Human Biology Health and Society in Human Ecology on the premed track. She is also pursuing a minor in Health Equity and an honors thesis with Drs Corinna Loeckenhoff and Catherine Riffin. On campus, Flavia is the Undergraduate Liaison for Vaccination Conversion with Scientists, a student advisor for the Division of Nutritional Sciences and tutors for the Knight Writing Center. She enjoys running, reading and dinner parties with friends. Flavia’s favorite parts of CHR are the supportive environment as well as how it combines visual design with essential healthcare information, and she’s very excited to be one of your Co-Presidents this year!



Publicity Chair

Joan is a junior studying Biomedical Engineering and minoring business. She is interested in healthcare industry and wants to explore the possibility of it in interdisciplinary areas. She joined CHR as an artist to meet more people and make meaningful connections. Her favorite aspect of CHR is the combining arts with various healthcare topics. Outside of CHR, she’s also a member of Cornell iGEM, CUBMD and Alpha Omega Epsilon. Joan enjoys reading, sketching, and watch anime :)

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Kaitlyn Lee is a junior studying Biology and Society in the College of Arts and Sciences. She joined CHR as a writer in her freshman year and is now serving as the Treasurer. She enjoys how CHR allows students to freely explore a variety of healthcare topics and share them with the Cornell community. Outside of CHR, Kaitlyn is involved with the Cornell Symphony Orchestra, the Daily Sun, and is the President of Therapy Thru Music. 

Picture_Bertomo, Christian - Christian Bertomo.JPG


Senior Advisor

Christian Bertomo is a senior in the College of Human Ecology majoring in Human Biology, Health, and Society. He is interested in learning about societal issues through a human health perspective. He believes that this is a part of CHR's mission, which is why he enjoys being a member of this organization. This is his fourth semester as being on E-Board for CHR, and he has really enjoyed the open and welcoming experience thus far. Having this position with CHR has made him learn more about the ins and outs of the organization, as well as the many ideas the writers, artists, and editors all have in mind. Outside of CHR, he is the Co-Director of Advocacy for the Cornell Asian Pacific Student Union (CAPSU). He is looking forward to working with CHR this semester.

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